Street Art: Mislatas Representan Mural

Mislatas Representan is a street art festival that takes place every two years, the last being held in 2016, organized by Colectivo XLF (XLF Collective) in collaboration with the Ayuntamiento de Mislata (Mislata Council). It brings together over 100 prestigious Spanish street artists who are given free rein to let their creativity go on the outside walls of the Molí del Sol Secondary School, Central Local Police Station of Mislata and the parking area of the Canaleta Park (Mislata’s main park). Measuring over 1 kilometre, it is considered the longest street art mural in Spain.

MislatasRepresentan (1)MislatasRepresentan (2)MislatasRepresentan (3)MislatasRepresentan (4)MislatasRepresentan (5)MislatasRepresentan (6)MislatasRepresentan (7)MislatasRepresentan (8)MislatasRepresentan (9)MislatasRepresentan (10)MislatasRepresentan (11)MislatasRepresentan (12)MislatasRepresentan (13)MislatasRepresentan (14)MislatasRepresentan (15)MislatasRepresentan (16)MislatasRepresentan (17)MislatasRepresentan (18)MislatasRepresentan (19)MislatasRepresentan (20)MislatasRepresentan (21)MislatasRepresentan (22)MislatasRepresentan (23)MislatasRepresentan (24)MislatasRepresentan (25)MislatasRepresentan (26)MislatasRepresentan (27)MislatasRepresentan (28)MislatasRepresentan (29)MislatasRepresentan (30)MislatasRepresentan (31)

Location: Mainly on Carrer Camí de Favara, 46920 Mislata Valencia.

Contrary to what people who live in the centre of Valencia think, Mislata is not on the other side of the world; it is only 4 metro stops from the centre (Xativa). It has two Metro stations: Mislata & Mislata Almassil (Red Line 3, Green Line 5 & Brown Line 9). The closest metro stop to this street art is Mislata.


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