Valencian Street Art Day

Valencia is a haven for street artists because there are countless degraded areas throughout the city which have walls that are just begging to be injected with some colour and life.

David de Limón is perhaps the most widespread Valencian street artist; if you’ve ever seen random ninja style graffitis around the city, that’s his signature character! Those little masked men pop up everywhere! But there are plenty others artists on the scene; male and female alike. Art sees no gender.


If you are a fan of Street Art you can’t miss the live Street Art event where 7 Valencian Street Artists will be encouraged to let their creativity go.

Participating Street Artists:

David de Limón

BOGUE Art Collectibe

Disneylexya Neuronal

Mai Hidalgo

La Nena Wapa Wapa

Alba Bla

Raquel Villanueva

There will also be music by Hits with Tits (nice name…) & Electrronical to liven up the day.


Veles e Vents Building located at the Port of Valencia.


Saturday 27th May 2017 from 6.30pm onwards.



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