Festival del Viento: International Kite Festival

Kite flying is a deeply rooted Valencian tradition and one that has stood the test of time. The peak season is during easter when the skies above parks and beaches are littered with kites reaching for the sky. It is said the the kite symbolises the resurrection of Christ but you needn’t be religious to take part, the true symbolism is probably pagan anyways.

Following Easter, the Valencians have another excuse to go kite mad during the International Kite Festival (Festival del Viento).


The 20th International Kite Festival is the perfect place to experience kites like never before. Apart from amateurs having a go, here you will also see professional kite fliers making it all look easy, when it really isn’t. It really is impressive how they manage to tame the kites and make them bend to their will.

As the kite flying depends on weather conditions there are not set times for the different activities and exhibitions that will take place but you can expect the following:

  • Quad Line Kites
  • Kite Gardens
  • Static Kite Displays
  • Dual Line Kite Megateams
  • Quad Line Kite Megateams
  • Joint Team Kite Exhibitions
  • Freestyle Kite Exhibitions
  • Giant kites over 20 metres
  • Kite Workshops where you can learn how to make kites.
  • kitefestival2Kitefestival1


Playa de Las Arenas (Las Arenas Beach) on the section between Calle Pintor Ferrandis and Calle del Mediterraneo (just before Hotel Balneario Las Arenas).


Saturday 22nd April – Sunday 23rd April 2017

On Saturday 22nd April there will also be the XXV Concurso L’infant de Empinar el Catxirulo (15th Children’s Catxirulo Kite Competition). The catxirulo is one of the most traditional types of kites from Valencia which are hexagonal in shape. The Catxirulo must have been made at home with the family as per the tradition dictates.



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