La Casa Judía: Art Deco Extravaganza

This is one of those hidden gems completely off the beaten track that you only find if someone tells you about it or you casually walk past it.

Apparently, this building known as La Casa Judía (The Jewish House) was commissioned by its owner José Salom who is thought to have been of Jewish origin. This may explain why there is a Magen David above the doorway. dsc01816_edited2It was built in 1930 by Valencian architect Juan Guardiola Martínez who also designed an Indian inspired Art Deco building in his native town of Sueca (south of Valencia City) known as Ateneo Sueco del Socorro and a Chinese inspired Art Deco building in Barcelona known as La Casa China (The Chinese House).

La Casa Judía is my favourite Art Deco building in Valencia, most probably because it has clear Neo-Egyptian influences (I love anything Egyptian) and also because it is so different from anything else in the city that it makes a nice change.

It was originally crowned by two Thai inspired columns but for some weird reason they were removed. In this photograph you can see what the original building would have looked like in all this glory. casajudiaviejaUnfortunately, you can only admire this building from the outside as it is private property but you just can’t help letting your imagination run wild with all the other extravagant and over the top features it must be hiding on the inside. casajudia

Rating: 10/10

Where: Calle Castellón, 20. Valencia


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