Kamon: Japanese & Spanish Fusion Food

I’ve always had a weird relationship with sushi. My first experience was in a nondescript Asian style buffet restaurant and I was put off for life; that is until a friend of mine introduced me to actual sushi restaurants where I actually grew to like it. After coming to this restaurant, I can now firmly say that, hand on heart, I absolutely love it, especially when it is as good as this!

The geniuses behind this restaurant are from Japan and Spain and this mix of cultures is reflected in their arts of work. This Japanese/Spanish fusion works surprisingly well and is a welcome addition to the sushi scene in Valencia.

The restaurant itself is miniscule and therefore it is imperative to book a table in advance (a day before is normally enough warning) as it is nearly always packed to the brim. I’ve only ever been here to enjoy their menú del día (Daily Menu) as it can get quite pricey if your order à la carte but that suits me just fine. The starters consist of 4 little morsels of divine inspiration but you have no choice; you get what the Gods have in store for you on that particular day. It normally consists of a gyoza, a salad, and two extra things; sometimes a soup, tartare, inari etc. kamonstartersFor main you do get a choice; typically either makis of the day, Japanese Curry or some sort of ramen or yakisoba. The first time I came here I choose the Japanese Curry but I wasn’t blown away; my friend’s makis on the other hand were probably the best makis I had tried to date! Ever since then, I always choose the makis; they also fill you up more than the curry. kamonmainsIf you are big on desserts (as I am) you may be left rendered quite hungry by the miniscule portion but at least it all tastes heavenly; although more generosity wouldn’t go amiss. 11219219_10153439678674705_8201649647768953126_nAll this including a drink costs 12.80€ (available only on weekdays). Not bad, not bad at all.

The service is very attentive and professional which makes a nice change from the usual service in most restaurants in this city.

This is by far my favourite Japanese restaurant in the whole city and 100% recommend it even to those who are not quite convinced by this cuisine yet.

Rating: 10/10

Where: Calle del Conde de Altea, 53

Opening times: Tues – Saturday: 1.30pm – 4.00pm / 8.30pm – 11.30pm

Price range: €€

Website: www.kamon.es

Menu in English: http://kamon.es/wp-content/cartas/carta_kamon_ENG.pdf


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